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A True Hero – TN Police

This is S Syed Abuthaheer, a police constable working in Manapparai, Tamilnadu.

Sulochana, a 24-year-old pregnant woman, wife of Ezhumalai, a farm worker, went from Rettiyapatti to a hospital in Manapparai, about seven km away, after developing labour pain. They went on ambulance.

There were some complications, so the doctors suggested caesarian, but there was a trouble. The couple had to arrange the blood, but there was no way to get people because of the shutdown. They had to go back home.

They encountered the next problem. There was no ambulance to take the couple back. So they started to walk home – seven kilometres. Near Manapparai bus stand, S Syed Abuthaheer, a police constable, spotted Sulochana who was struggling to walk.

After finding out why they were there during the shutdown, Abuthaheer arranged lunch for them, and asked them to wait. A brief while later, as his duty got over at 2 pm, he took them back to the hospital and donated blood.

Abuthaheer then waited there at the hospital till Sulochana gave birth to a baby girl around 10 pm. After it was reported by the media, the district SP acknowledged Abuthaheer’s good work and awarded him Rs 1,000. Soon, the word reached the DGP, who gave him Rs 10,000.

What did he do with that money? He gave it to Sulochana and Ezhumalai.

He is a hero.